What’s Your Edge?

1. In order to consistently win, you need an edge ( an advantage that others don’t have. )
2. On some level, you need to be contrarian — meaning you need to be willing to go against the crowd of people you’re competing with.

Contrarian : If you think about it, they have to be wrong most of the time, because only a majority of people can make a few people rich. A few people don’t have enough money to make the majority rich.

Mine is a combination of a few things:

Macroeconomics : While markets can be traded on technicals only.  Have a pretty good understanding of markets fundamentals. Fundamentals drive the market. Technicals tell you when to enter the market.

Support/Resistance ie Supply/Demand.
And most importantly really good money management, risk management, and discipline.

What your edge?

Many of the more mathematical, quantitative traders can use proprietary indicators and algorithms.

Once you’ve found your edge, continuing to study and learn more about it, and incorporating it with other knowledge can help ensure that your edge remains sustainable.