Belief In Yourself

Belief is the one single thing which one needs to master anything . Legendary cyclist LanceArmstrong was told that his chance of surviving was almost negligible as he was suffering fromtestical cancer , brain tumour and lungs cancer . Yet he firmly believed that he will live and thus believed . He was told that even in the rare case if he survived , he would not be able to spend his restof life like a normal human being , and would barely be able to walk . This was the statement ofsome of the top doctors of the world . Yet Lance Armstrong cured and not only he beat cancerwith his faith , he went on to win the world championship in cycling , a record breaking six times ,more than any other individual .

If you firmly believe in something , your mind will mould accordingly to bring those results for your to make yourself capable of achieving those results .
Lets just take our own examples . You would have landed on this website the very first time , lets say as a total newbie . Didnt somewhere some part of your heart had a belief that one day you would be a profitable trader ? Didnt something inside you tell that ? Now , many people have become that and many have gained a great knowledge from the time of starting . This is the live example of the belief . Hold on to that belief and commitment and I wishall of them come true . ( And they will come true .)

This implies to everything . Not just trading . We become what we believe .

Like attracts like . Many traders give up if they have 7 – 8 losses in a row . Negative thinking keepsclouding their minds and make them feel they dont know the markets .

But I say, there is nothing much to be known in markets except the sentiments. (Our goal is to be profitable, not an encyclopedia) If you are stopped out despite of keeping everything correctly, it is not your fault. It does not mean that you dont know the markets or trading. It is the problem of excess volatility. Many top trader come out profitable inspite of having more than 50% of their trades as loosers. Once again, Risk-Reward is the key.