Penny Stock Promoters / Teachers

All are scam. All of them use same recurring themes. One of them being the much over-exaggerated income claim. They make statements like “Retire in 20s, a multi-millionaire starting with $1,000.” You can be 1 and it only cost you 5,000 If they know the secret, they would have all relatives millionaire Why do they care about you? More and more are being released online because they are just so easy to exploit to consumers and investors. Penny stocks are notorious for being…

winning over 90 percent

Just to prove my point that winning percentage is not everything. That’s the only thing people have in mind. I win over 90% but i still loss. The key is to limit the loss. I’m still working on it. That is the reason i’m trading small. One big loss and i’m wiped out; I’m out of the game. Preserve capital is the most important. Don’t swing for home runs. I trade any thing that moves. I don’t care if it’s…


Bank stocks r on fire since November. Trump sets sights on financial deregulation. “We expect to be cutting a lot out of Dodd-Frank, because frankly I have so many people, friends of mine, that have nice businesses and they can’t borrow money,” Trump said on Friday. “They just can’t get any money because the banks just won’t let them borrow because of the rules and regulations in Dodd-Frank.” Trump trade: buy banks, financial institutes.

VNM Vietnam Market

I’m trying to catch the bottom here. Place an order 2 be in 25 shares @ 13.67 Stop: 12$ Target: Either i will get stopped out or I will let my profit run. If it moves pass 14.5$, i will move my stop to 13.67 (break even).


Newm – New Media Investment Group Inc place an order tomorrow for 50 @ 15.9 Stop 14.8 Profit target: 18.8 Risk about $50 to make more than $100. This is a 1:2 risk/reward. If every trade is 1:2 risk/reward, even at 50%, we can make money. Winning percentage 25% will make it even. I sometimes take 1:1 risk/reward trade. It’s for fun and I don’t risk any more than 50$ on those trades.

A Trader Equation

Most traders should not take trades when the reward is less than the risk because an unrealistically high winning percentage is necessary to be profitable over time. For example, if a trader risks three points to make a one-point scalp, he has to win about 80% of his trades just to break even (and the goal should never be to just break even). To make a living trading this risk/reward profile, the trader would have to win about 90% of…

Do’s and Don’ts for Rookie Traders

DONTs You don’t get rich over night. Don’t trade without a stop loss. Don’t give up trading when you encounter a losing streak of trades Don’t over trade. Don’t trade on money you can’t afford to loose. Don’t loose money DOs 1. Ignore your inherent bias Initiating a trade requires technical evidence with conditions that occur concurrently. It is important to hit all the items in the check list before initiating the trade. 2. Always use multiple time frame analysis approach…

Sony Corporation

sne will buy 50 tomorrow at 31.9 stop 28: if hit will loose about 200 target 34: if hit will make about 100 I know I have the math wrong (upside down) but I don’t care. I go with the momentum.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc

AMD jumped today. Bought 100o amd on 1/1/2016 at 3.5, stock went down below 2. Hit my stop. Then it turned around. I could not convince myself to get back in. It keeps going up to 12 now. Trading sux sometimes.