COT analysis

1) COT Change: It compares the level of the change in COT data to a predefined range of the data and shows this change in percentage compared to this range. Large changes can sometimes be great signals as shown in my previous example (Oats). 2) COT Extreme: It shows how many reports ago stood the given COT data at the current level. In case of All Time signals, it means that the given COT data has never in the past…

Manipulation of the Markets

A large percentage of people are surprised to learn that the markets can be manipulated in the ways that we have described. Almost all traders are labouring under various misconceptions. There are all sorts of professional interests in the world’s financial markets: brokers, dealers, banks, trading syndicates, market-makers, and traders with personal interests. Some traders have a strong capital base, some are trading on behalf of others as investment fund managers, pension fund managers, insurance companies and trade union funds,…

It is easy to make large profits by simply being long

Stock prices are a function of supply and demand, although other influences, such as earnings and the economy, might affect the desirability of owning or selling a particular stock. After all, the stock market has rallied for eight years, notching record high after record high. The S&P 500 has almost quadrupled from the low during the financial crisis. For the weeks, we have been looking for the market to provide us with some pullback but it continues to push up.  Investing…

Musk Compensation Package

Tesla has set a dozen targets, each $50 billion more than the next, starting at $100 billion, then $150 billion, then $200 billion and so on, all the way to a market value of $650 billion. In addition, the company has set a dozen revenue and adjusted profit goals. Mr. Musk would receive 1.68 million shares, or about 1 percent of the company, only after he reaches milestones for both. Mr. Musk’s critics – and there are many – are…


The Windstream Holdings stock holds negative signals. Therefore, all hold a negative evaluation of this stock. buy: 200 at 1.87 Stop loss: 1.47 Target: 2.77 I buy because even though it has a low winning percentage but reward is high. Bonus: Windstream’s buyback program could repurchase 22% of the company’s total market cap.

New Year Resolutions For A Trader

Happy New Year to all Have a Risk Management Plan: how much can I afford to loose in a trade? A month? I stop trading if I go over the limit in a month. Learn a trading strategy: without learning, no one can earn. Get comfortable with loosers: small loosers and big winners make you big money. Loosing trades are part of the business. Just like tax, no trader can avoid it. I sometimes let loosers run. They wipe out…

IB vs tradestation

It has been years since I migrated from Tradestation to IB, never looked back. 1, Tradestation Fills? heavy slippage 2, Tradestation Lagging data in fast markets 3, Tradestation Had a phantom order execute. TS showed I was in an active position I DID NOT execute, contacted Customer Service to confirm account status and go FLAT any position. Response was bone chilling: “WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR POSITION IS, CALL BACK DURING REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS” that was >4 hours away….…

Nucor Corporation

ticket symbol : nue stop:53 target: 60 or more Jim cramer was pounding the table ‘buy’, ‘buy’ yesterday. It got my attention. Why not? the risk/reward ratio is good. This is a counter-trend trade. It fits my mentality. I like to trade counter trend even though the winning percentage is low. Steel Stocks are money losers for a long time.

New “T+2” Settlement Cycle

The new “T+2” settlement cycle will apply to all applicable securities transactions occurring on or after September 5, 2017. Under the new market-wide “T+2” settlement cycle, most securities transactions will now settle in two business days of their transaction date.  For example, if you sell shares of ABC stock on Monday, the transaction would settle on Wednesday.  If you have a margin account, contact your broker to see how the “T+2” settlement cycle might affect your margin agreement.


buy if breaks 6.85 stop loss: 6.25 target: 8 or more I haven’t paid attention much about the weather, fundamental of natural gas. This chart looks good for risk/reward. I trade this for fun. If i loose, i’m going to loose .6/share. 100 shares is 60usd. If it loose 60usd, i’m not going to loose any sleep. close position here: it’s moving slowly. counter trend has to move quick for me to hold strong.