How To Gauge Momentum

we have couple of our chart analysis strategy with risk control using the same price chart tools. the idea is to keep this simple. a simple price chart using price intervals that allows us to perform quick analysis in order to achieve our goals the next logical step would be to find out how we locate the Investments and trees that are likely to be the most profitable, that is moving up the fastest using daily and weekly. time intervals the degree to which a security is moving up faster Investments is referred to as momentum. and to spot it we want to see a price chart uptrend. and the 9, 18 moving averages, in both direction, the nine and eighteen avg are above the 50.

From there in order to spot momentum we want to see prices closing above the 9. At the end of each price chart interval in addition to this we want the high crosses of these intervals to also be 52-week highs price for the year in the Securities World stocks and markets that are making new 52-week high are considered to be very strong solid Investments technically this is because the market seems to agree that price is currently undervalued and is pushing it higher in this chart example we can see a weekly interval where price is consistently staying above the 9. Places are also the high for the last year chart of picture on how to use Yahoo finance. you know how to look at a price quote hear it quote for National Retail properties from Yahoo finance the number on the left is the year the number on the right is the year star Wars are so is the yearly high and there is a chart interval Candlestick at that level there for the stock of national retailers making 52-week highs shoot a bit complicated when you will learn how to quickly do this after you get the hang of looking at Price charts gauging momentum is a quick easy way to compare stocks or Securities to see which one’s moving up the fastest and you are using the same tools that you have already learned price intervals and moving averages and that keeps it simple good work you’re doing really great