FXCM Turmoil

7/02/2017, FXCM to Sell US Accounts to GAIN Capital

The US retail FX accounts of FXCM have been transferred to Forex.com, the retail FX division of GAIN Capital. Both FXCM and GAIN Capital have confirmed the successful transfer of 47,000 accounts.

The unexpected move by the Swiss has been a huge shock to brokers. NFA member brokers in the US (which includes FXCM and most other brokers) are required to maintain a minimum amount of capital, and to segregate client funds from their operations. however, if they fall below capital requirements — like what we saw in Jan 2015 with the big franc move — there could be trouble.


FXCM is not insolvent, has not filed for any form of bankruptcy, and is in compliance with all regulatory capital requirements in the jurisdictions in which it operates.

FXCM is no longer a part of the US market. With effect of March 10, 2017, the United States NFA imposed permanent member and principal bar on Forex Capital Markets LLC.