Nucor Corporation

ticket symbol : nue stop:53 target: 60 or more Jim cramer was pounding the table ‘buy’, ‘buy’ yesterday. It got my attention. Why not? the risk/reward ratio is good. This is a counter-trend trade. It fits my mentality. I like to trade counter trend even though the winning percentage is low. Steel Stocks are money losers for a long time.


buy if breaks 6.85 stop loss: 6.25 target: 8 or more I haven’t paid attention much about the weather, fundamental of natural gas. This chart looks good for risk/reward. I trade this for fun. If i loose, i’m going to loose .6/share. 100 shares is 60usd. If it loose 60usd, i’m not going to loose any sleep. close position here: it’s moving slowly. counter trend has to move quick for me to hold strong.

bank of america

Bac stop buy if it breaks 24.50 stop loss 22 target 25 and possibly more. With expectations of a quarter-point rate increase on Wednesday, the banks r expected to benefit. banks are on the losing side during the recession.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Ticket: Teva Entry: 32.50 Stop 31 Target: 37 This trade is purely technical. Teva is at support (demand) level. The trend is down. Counter trend trade stop must be small. Target must be large because the probability of winning is low. Trend trade must use lager stop and small profit targets. But winning percentage is high. If you like to win most of the time, trade with the trend.

Exxon Mobil Corporation

XOM entry:80.8 Stop:80 Target:87 or more This is a counter trend trade, which means reward/risk is very good but low probability. Xom is at a strong support level. Oil is at a low price level. Could oil goes lower? yes. but if lower than $45 many drillers/producers loose money. -> reduce supply. Jerry Brown suggest 42% gas tax hike and $65 registration increase in California. Many blue states already increase gas tax. AAA projects the national average for a gallon of…

Lumber Liquidator

LL buy: 19.07 stop: 17.35 target 24 In 58, if ll hits my stop -> loose 100usd. LL breaks out. It will continue to go up until it hits resistant at around 19.8. Some people may wait for a pull back or consolidation at resistant area. I’m working full time. I don’t have time to monitor my trades. I set them and occasionally monitor them.  

Korea Electric Power Corporation

Korea Electric Power Corporation, ticket symbol is KEP Entry: 18.60 Stop: 17.7 Target: 20 In 100 This is a counter trend trade; take at least half off at target and move the other half stop to break even. The trend can reverse or continue. It’s 50/50. If it reverses, let the other half runs. If the trend resumes, at least have a little profit. If it hits stop, then the lost is about 100usd. Some people use the percentage of…

Delta Air

DAL buy if it breaks 52 stop 49.5 target: 56 Buffet loves airlines and banks. He’s a big fish who can move a sector a while by saying buy on the media. Buffet trading style is: bottom catcher (“value investing”) and trend trader. If you’re a bottom catcher, you have to sit on your stock for a long time, sometimes for years for it to turn around. What if it doesn’t turn around? Buffet can buy the whole company. We can’t.…

Natural Gas

price: 2.7 target: 3 stop: 2.62 Bear case: A fifteen-day weather forecast shifted moderately warmer. Bull case: producers stop pumping. My case: I don’t know which way it will go. Technically, it hits support. It will bounce around this support level. Then it will move up, or down. Nobody knows for sure. If you’re a counter trend trader, the risk is small but reward is huge. However, your winning percentage will be less than 50%. You have to cut your loss quick. If…