Warrior Trading – Take a Big Loss with Ross!

Ross claims to have made over $230,000 in 2016, and his brokerage account as of March/April has hovered in the $10000 range (grown from a $500 account starting 1/1/17). Unless he’s fudging paperwork, his profits are impressive. However, Ross has taken massive and significant losses in March/April of 2017. Following his trade advice recently has been a costly and potentially devastating propostion for any green trader.

Expensive Training

According to his website, the $4299 3-month training program is his most popular. This includes access to the trading chat room, chat room 3x week mentor chat sessions, and a rather thin curriculum, where the student watches long 2-6 hour long video lessons of Ross rambling about basic trading and chart-reading concepts, which could be covered in a tiny fraction of the time. At the end of each lesson, there is a homework assignment and a quiz. Neither are reviewed by Ross or his Warrior Trading team. Instead, submissions of the homework/quiz automatically generate pre-composed email replies with the “correct” answers.

Get a Chat Room Subscription

In a nutshell, if you are intent on joining Warrior Trading, AVOID the training programs. Instead, sign up for a chat room memberships ($74/month annual membership). When you join the chat room, DO NOT follow Ross’ impulsive reckless trades. Instead, look to him as an example for what NOT to do. Pay more attention to JohnL10, Mike, and Jeff, who all seem to be much more competent at trading successfully and managing risk.

Fake Scholarship Program

At the time I joined, in one of his “webinars”, Ross was offering about 30 “scholarships” where the cost of the school could be credited toward one of their partner trading platforms by reducing per-trade rates by $1/trade until the cost of the Warrior Trading program is met. What he doesn’t tell you is that at the same time, these same trading platforms were offering bigger credits (in some cases up to $10,000 in trade credits) by simply signing onto them with the required deposit (minimum $25,000 – $30,000).

Constantly Crashing Stock Trading Simulator (FST)

As part of his trading program, Ross offers access to Fantasy Stock Traders, a stock trading simulator, which allows the student to practice real-time trading without using real money. Great idea, except that hardly a day goes by when FST doesn’t crash, because of server overload (due in part to the number of students Ross and clan have recruited). FST crashes have been going on since at least the beginning of February 2017. When it is working, the FST platform is not intuitive or user-friendly and windows cannot be enlarged or reduced without losing vital information.

It is nearly impossible to use the program without using a large 20++ inch monitor. Many students have resorted to creating separate tabs for their watch and position lists (which has also contributed to the server overload). When I expressed concern about the FST platform, I was told by one of Ross’ associates that I needed to invest in a larger monitor. A student would be better off going elsewhere, like ScottTrade, for a virtual trading platform.

The Hipster Cramer

Ross Cameron styles himself as a “Hipster Jim Cramer”, complete with the man-bun, beard, and hooded-sweatshirt. He uses words like “mindfully” and loves working on old diesel Mercedes. Although he’s based in VT, he could be straight out of a Portlandia episode. The promotional videos, like the one of him in a tennis outfit, at a bowling alley, or trimming his indoor plant, all seem a very fake. He’s not a natural celebrity, and frankly all the promotion in the world does not change the fact that he has lost thousands of dollars a day, several days a month.

Pump and Dump Stocks

Ross spends a lot of time “analyzing” stock charts, drawing neat chart lines, and providing impressive names to different forms of stock movement during his prolonged and extended “classes”. However, most of the live trades he takes are split second buy/sells in stocks that are spiking. There is definitely no time to “analyze” the stocks he jumps on. Having hot keys set up to jump in/out of these trades is the only way to take them. Even then, many of these stocks spike or drop .20/.50/1.00 in a matter of seconds. Horrified chat room observers have watched as Ross loses anywhere from $1000 to $7000 instantly. The extensive stock analysis training, therefore, seems useless in the context of the kind of trades Ross takes. And his trading method seems reckless and impulsive.


Do your research and take advantage of free trial memberships with day trading chat rooms before investing in a trader education program. Trade Ideas offers a great unlimited FREE chat room moderated by Barrie Einarson, who takes a more mature, relaxed, seasoned and low-risk approach to day trading. If you opt for the Warrior Trading program, you only need a chat room subscription, and pay closer attention to Mike, Jeff, JohnL10 and Roberto who all take more sensible and restrained appoaches. Avoid jumping on Ross’ trades and use his trading method as an example of what not to do.


  1. Sammy May 3, 2019 at 4:35 am

    I have been part of warrior trading for a while now.. About 9 months or so .. Just like everyone else I tried a free chat day to check it out and it blew me away how easily Ross was making so much money daily and I had the funds saved to actually take the course and be apart of the chat for a year so I went ahead and signed up for the class with the chat included…

    The class Is crap .. Very repetitive spread out over a few crappy very short chapters describing what can easily be found all over the internet for free but as a noob I gained comfort in knowing this is actually working for Ross so it must be possible to maintain..

    Boy was I wrong .. I spend tons of money between the class and setting myself up properly as a day trader should and got the simulator as they suggest and started following along Ross with the knowledge I had ” learned ” in the course … Keep in mind I was not following ross and had actually knew the entry points myself so could execute the trades before him telling you to get long..

    Well over the next weeks I seemed to crush the simulator in everything he was in giving myself very nice gains easily which led me to believe this will be an easy transition into trading live with real money … Again boy was I wrong ..

    For me I had already had enough money from previous work saved up to bypass the PDT rule and open a Speedtrader account with 25k and get right to making ” 1k a day daily goal ” … ha.. again ..Boy was I wrong .

    Everyone morning I would get up and usually be able to pick the stocks Ross was interested in before he mentions them to the room a lowsy 15 min before open giving you very little prep if you are trying to just ” mirror ” him which I was not .. I knew the entries he was looking for and how to execute the trades .. So I would get long before Ross would even say long on the stocks he was watching and sometimes get a small pop for a tiny Profit but the losers I taking were not maintainable long term which would have lead me to eventually blow up my account and be done with the dream..

    This is when I starting doing research very hard into what was going on because I thought this was suppose to be so easy as he portrays in his marketing .. The thing is , it was not even close .. When you go long these types of stocks the spreads are so bad and tons of chat rooms are manipulating members to do what they say to do and it causes mass chaos in the lower priced names usually under $5 making it almost impossible to manage anything and basically turning the trade into a complete gamble..

    Ross would continue to say ” daily goal ” or I’m out at this price on the ask when My shares would continue to sit there with no fill until I had to take a nice loss bailing on the uncontrollable whipyness of these types of stocks thru the bid with a terrible spread making managing your losses nearly impossible …

    How he was winning so large on these names while I was taking small winners and huge losers I could not understand it as my entries were great and sometimes I was in before he even had said he entered.. At this point I had to step back and be like well this doesn’t seem to make sense .. And why is that ?

    Well because Ross is a full on Marketer .. Hes making 7 figures a year from his chat/garbageshooling and people don’t seem to understand that when they are getting into it all they hear everyday is ” daily goal ” I made $5000 in 20 second blah blah lies … And here comes the email with whatever holiday is nexts discount on the chat or the schooling garbage to sucker more folks in ..

    This guy had no real background in trading although I’m sure he knows how to trade no he does not have to anymore cause the chat alone is making him 7 figures a year .. He came from Jason bonds room who does the same crap.. Their rooms are almost Identical and Ross himself figured out the scam of things and grabbed 2 other guys from the room and was like we can do this ourselves and collect this money and that’s how warrior trading was started…

    Now onto the more conspiracy part of some of these Reviews .. Well I have been in the room for a long time and Ross has Never traded premarket and the guys in the room advise against it heavily .. Well this week is running a $7 promotion for the week and is jammed full of more people than the room has ever seen and Ross seems to be having the best week ever (marketing because if he was taking any types of losses people might not be interested right ? ) and has traded 2 times premarket for HUGE winners ..

    Well this was VERY odd because he literally Does not do it EVER!! This has lead me to believe that he is running the very scam Jason Bond was running in his room which is he is buying shares premarket and selling them to his room members at the prices he says go long and this week has the most members we have ever seen so you can understand why hes long out before you and stating fake exit points and then going back and recreating the trades in a simulator to post a very skillfully hidden Profit and loss Tab from the broker ..

    Well this week some well respected long term members from the room who have been there a long time are starting to question him .. Myself as well as we all actually really trade with the same brokers so the tabs should look similar when posted but they do not … Several times this week he has had huge winners and big names in the room that have been there a long time seem to be asking him to prove them and he just flat out ignores them as myself .. Strange right?

    Not at all .. I have sense actually found a real mentor who has put me in the right direction away from this very manipulated sector that preys on the small account guy and have finally started making the curve …

    If he were to ask the Room who actually trades like him there might be 1 guy out of the 500 that are in there daily that do .. Everyone else in his room is only there for the 3 other mods Mike , Jeff , and ed.. because they trade far away from the chat manipulated penny sector.. And they actually seem to have a handle on what they are doing ..

    So ya you could say I mad cause I wasted all this money and failed doing what Ross was doing because I wasn’t doing it properly so I’m writing a bad review solely on that and sure it may seem like that but I’m really just trying to lay out what I have seen in there as a member for about a year and all the stuff I have found via internet so you guys can make that decision for yourself…

    I could never live as an ” educator ” with myself knowing the majority of the people I am suppose to be ” teaching ” are blowing up accounts and you see that so much in the chat it starts to make you sick …

    Do your own research before you make your own mind up about Warrior trading but plz don’t just wing it on the dream hes selling of ” making 1k a day ” .. Please protect your hard earned money and really know what business you are getting into and how easily the small account guy can be preyed on …

    That’s my 2 cents ..

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