Trusting My edge so I can trade in the Zone

As I continue to read and listen to Mark Douglas, I am truly coming to understand the importance of trusting my edge.

My edge is trusting the obvious, the moving average of close of the charts that I’m trading when I’m in the market.

With macd harmony AKA MACD Simple (never trading against the 60 min MACK!)
For some people having moving average line on your charts can be very distracting. Hay! I can understand that. It’s not what works for you.

I respect other peoples’ way of trading. I always have and always will.

Never the less I must do what works for me. Even if other don’t agree.

I have to wear the shoes that fits me. I have vary small feet. I’m a small man so I can’t always do what larger or taller men can do.

It all comes down to self acceptance for me.

When you find what works for you and you are happy with self. You well began to enter the Zone.

Like a professional sports player. After they learn the rules and the general concept of how to play the sport. The enter into their self. And do their own thing, and out comes a unique style that can’t be duplicated.

I like to enter the market when momentum is there and run tight stops.

For some they say that is not the way to trade, give your trade room to breath.

Well that is cool.

But not me. I will give it room to move in the direction it looks like it is going when I’m in the market, thats it!

(But thats just me I don’t have a day job and I can do that)

I don’t like to lose money. And I like winning more than losing. I know you can’t avoid losing. But, I can control it Seem I can control how much I lose.

In fact I have more control over how much I loss, more so that how much I win. (now what I have said is great wisdom, for me)
In my experience, I have found that it is easier for me to make up a 25 to 50 pip loss than a 100, to 150 pip loss.

And like any business, I must keep my over head and liabilities cost low.

I think I am being a good business man, and not a fearful trader. It is all in how we look at it you know.
What I’m trying to say is, when I trade the way it make sense to me I trade in the zone. I make a heck of a lot more pips than I lose. All most 7 to 1.

With that I know I will have a most excellent year as I trust my edge and and trade in the zone.

I’m out and I encore you to trust your God give edge and inter in to you personal trading Zone. Your prosperity is within for you to trust you edge.

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