my journey

Trading in the markets is going to be a long-term challenge and my education is still far from complete, despite all I’ve learned over the past months + years.

I want to make one thing clear and that is that I am not a professional, full time, knowledgeable or even a profitable trader at the moment.

My knowledge is basically little and I will update the trades that I do, my predictions (using the knowledge I do have) and analyze the trades I do to see what I did was good or bad.

I will also have a list of things I need to learn and what I’ve already learned and a list of questions that I have. If you see that I’ve missed something in the list or if you have a resource that could help me with certain things feel free to let me know!

I will also include a list of resources I’ve used to learn the things that I know.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself:
Socially I’m not good at all. I don’t handle people very well in real life and because of this the jobs I could possibly do are quite limited. I keep doing work for weasels who use their mouth to pass their works to me. I was looking for things I could do and things I would enjoy. I came across the stock market not so long ago and I got a course with academyft about trading and I decided to open an account and trade a little bit. Of course, like any beginner I only lost money the course didn’t help much.

I then found all free trading courses from Udemy. I studied them all. They are free and in my opinion are the same if not better than paid courses.

Don’t go to Youtube for trading videos if you’re a rookie. It’s where the hustlers, the scammers, promoters hangout praying on the naive. (There are some good trading videos on youtube. With experience you can pick them out.)

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