Jason Bond Review

I’m shocked at the ratio of positives to negative ratings for this guy which makes me believe that many prior negative ratings could have very well been deleted. I don’t follow his advice & I instead simply scalp short the tops following the very predictable initial sheep buying spree that is created shortly after his initial alert.

There are MANY inconsistencies in his marketing story to begin with. Jason Bond used to run PennyStockLive.com which was a promotion website under BlueWave ownership. He claims to have made his fortune on Wall Street…the only problem is the “fortune” he claims to have made was not trading on Wall Street only working as a promoter for BlueWave who even until this day continues to push his new trading service falsely giving Jason the appearance of a trading “guru” which he has proven not to be.

Truth be told, Jason bonds video lessons are well done, however, you can get the same information through YouTube or by googling it.

Swing Trade Service

Be careful when following his alerts because when he sends his alerts out, his clients scramble to get a positions on the security thereby spiking the price. By the time you get a position, the price have already gone up. Jason will then close his position for a win. By the time you close your position, you end up in the red. For example if he buys 30000 shares for ABC company at 2.00/share. As clients scramble to get a position on the said security, the price could spikes to 2.20/share or so. Jason can comfortably close his position for .20 cent/share win (.20*30000=6000 profit).

Day Trade Service

Most clients in the day trading do not think on their own. They wait for the moderator to send an alerts out. Once the alert is send, everyone try to get a position there by spiking the price of the exchange as there are over 500 clients in the room. You have to be able to get in a position at a lower price and close the position before the moderator or you will end up in the red. Also his moderators needs to post their entry prices on their portfolios. He could be giving the moderators advance notice on swing trades before telling everyone else.

Overall, Jason does a lot of advertisement and he is a good sales man but you will notice that most of his clients are new. As experience clients terminate his service, he is able to recruit new clients. He is always boasting through his advertisement on how he is making money but his clients can’t say the same.

Recommendation: Learn to trade on your own and do not follow Jason bonds. I was able to make money on my own only to be on the negative after joining Jason Bond.

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