IB vs tradestation

It has been years since I migrated from Tradestation to IB, never looked back.

1, Tradestation Fills? heavy slippage

2, Tradestation Lagging data in fast markets

3, Tradestation Had a phantom order execute. TS showed I was in an active position I DID NOT execute, contacted Customer Service to confirm account status and go FLAT any position. Response was bone chilling: “WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR POSITION IS, CALL BACK DURING REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS” that was >4 hours away…. Needless to say, I emptied my account and voted with my feet.

4, Tradestation No universal account, must maintain separate funds for Forex, Equities, Futures…

5, Tradestation Tax documents were unavailable at the time (I believe for Forex) forget exactly now, been many years…

6, Tradestation etc… etc… etc… #3 was enough for me… the rest were just Frosting on the cake. Inadequacies which I accepted at the time, because I liked the charting historic data…

MC/with IB snapshot data is more than sufficient and keeps up during fast markets for executions

MC/with data subscription solves charting. Forex & Futures IB data is fine for charting

TradingView for longer term Equity charting if one needs to save a buck is one of many options.

IB fills are consistently good – occasionally even provide price improvement…

Portfolio margin is very convenient and efficient….

Commission is acceptable – there are cheaper options than IB… But with IB I have a greater sense of security, they are strict on those that over leverage. They are a solid Brokerage, that has immense value. Since to me, Capital preservation is paramount to all else…

I took a full emergency account stop during Flash Crash with IB, it hurt… but that is part of trading, I accepted it and moved on… THE EMERGENCY STOP on the Account worked as designed…. I can only imagine what may have happened if I was with Tradestation during that event…

As I said in my previous post IB/anything > Tradestation….

I seldom post this much on ET, but still after all these years I remember how furious I was when my Broker Tradestation told me they didn’t know my positions and I needed to wait > 4 hours to close… (IF in fact it was a position and not a false reading of the platform) – Just the name Tradestion gets my blood boiling

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