Get Out Of The Maze & Finding Your Edge

I think the hardest part for new traders is finding their edge. (A trading method that works for them, time and time again)

lots of things come it to play that makes it hard. And it is like a maze.
Psychology is one. But the flood of other peoples opinions of what you should and should not do, makes if difficult as well.

(when you are a new trader, your hungry for knowledge)

One person says, you don’t need this indicators or that indicators. One person says you should do this and you should to that.

The experts say this and the big time traders with books after books say you should to that.

But in the end the new trader can be left with frustration and confusion. Nothing they try works.

And on top of that the new trader sill have their own psychology to deal with.
I would like to share 4 things I began to do that helped me get out of the maze and find my method.
#1. I stop saying trading is hard and listening to people say it.

What your hear you become and what you say you believe.

#2. I don’t listen to people that put down other trading methods. (at the very least over look it)

#3. I attend live trading rooms, webanirs and web sites of trading methods that appealed to me.

#4 I began to mind the one that appealed to me the most.
I appreciate all methods. I personally have nothing bad to say about any.

In the end we are all trying to do the same thing.
Once you find what woks for you, develop your
eagles eyes for it and encourage other to find what works for them.

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