Cameron Fous of Fous Alerts Review

I bought fous4 DVD to see if I could get a better understanding of the small cap trading world. I am a trader, with minor experience (3 years) who trades mostly large cap stocks. As a self described small cap stock “guru”, I figured I would give the fous DVD a shot.

Let me first start off by saying this is the most unprofessional trading DVD and individual I have come across. Profanity is abundant, and the material he presents is canned. The majority of the DVD is spent laying out the basics of trading – position sizes, fundamentals of a stock, and the psychology of trading — just to name a few. If you have any experience in the market you can skip ahead to his FOUS4 patterns.

Here is what really irked me — The FOUS4 patterns are a joke. He claims that they are “his” patterns, yet if you opened any basic TA book, you would find that they are a single pattern, that he renames 4 differnt times. COMICAL! The ema indicator he uses is no secret, but the only thing of value in the entire DVD is his explanation of when to buy a breakout or buy on a dip. However, with that being said, it is followed by a very minimal explantion of candlesticks and he even has the audacity to tell the viewers he isn’t going to waste his time and tell you about candlesticks, instead viewers should go read a book by Steve Nison. Out of the entire 7.5 hours of FOUS4, I would estimate about 20-30minutes is actually worth watching.

If you are a new trader, I would suggest opening a book and reading as opposed to buying this junk. The DVD is more of a promotional tool used by Fous than an actual aducational DVD.


  1. Marc May 15, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    Always remember this very simple litmus test – if the person trying to sell you a trading course or any course where you think there’s easy money to be made, and that person shows you a picture of a flashy and very expensive car(s) – YOU’RE ABOUT TO BE SUCKERED.

    No ifs and buts but you’re going to get suckered. Hopefully the worst that will happen is you’ll lose the cost of the course and not real money in the markets.

    The markets are FUCKING LETHAL for those that don’t know 100% of what they’re doing and it can take even an intelligent person YEARS to make sense of the game and start to make profits, YEARS! But oh no, to these marketers they will tell you it can be done in 6 months, but first you must get your credit card out…

    So does Marcus Douchebag show pictures of his cars and expensive lifestyle? Yes. Litmus test works again.

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