Are Subscriptions Worth the Money for a Rookie Trader?

There’s more free stuff available than you can POSSIBLY go through and coming from someone who’s paid for quite a few “courses” over the years, I can tell you first hand, there isn’t “new” or “secret” out there.

IMHO, I would focus on Supply and Demand– (support & resistant) . They’re the ONLY things that make price move- the ONLY things- without exception! Everything else plays off them. Now, to be sure, you need to learn about other “stuff” too, but the foundation of trading is ALL about understanding the dynamics of Supply and Demand which is often driven from emotions and herd mentality

I would recommend to start off with larger time frames to get a feel for price-action. Use monthly and weekly charts to find a trend, and use Supply & Demand zones to find unbalances in price. Scroll down to daily and 4hr charts for a faster view of the market. Stay on demo until profitable for a few months. Discipline yourself and set goals.

Know that this is irrefutable and must be accepted before you can truly build a solid trading method of study.

You cannot buy shortcuts in trading.

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