Understanding The Markets

By now, you should have read several books on trading. They describe the Trading Markets and the process of stock exchange between traders.
Now, you need to familiarize yourself with the different trading Markets around the world. As a newcomer to the trading scene, concentrate on learning more about the NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE markets as that is where most of the On-line Brokers give you direct access.
You’ll learn more about the types of information available from the on-line services such as NASDAQ Level II, etc. later.

A word of caution is in order here about Penny stocks and Pink Sheets. These are very risky stocks and many times the information that you hear comes from those individuals that already hold a large amount of these stocks and are waiting to sell as you are buying. See our research links below for more information.

For now, get to know the markets. Do your research.

American Markets
American Stock Exchange
Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Board Options Exchange
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Kansas City Board of Trade
Nasdaq and Nasdaq Newsroom
New York Cotton Exchange
New York Mercantile Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
Philadelphia Stock Exchange
International Markets
Amsterdam Exchanges
Italian Stock Exchange
London Stock Exchange
Madrid Bolsa
Montreal Exchange
Paris Bourse
Singapore Stock Exchange
Stockholm and Oslo Stock Exchanges
SwissInvest.com Swiss Exchange information
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange
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