Charting Tools

When talking about technical analysis charting with such indicators a MACD and Bollinger Bands. While every investor should know the theory and use of technical indicators for “after market” analysis, often, the beginning trader is led to believe that he or she must use them during trading hours to watch a stock.

Unfortunately, during trading hours, the beginner is distracted by such indicators simply because they do not have the experience to handle multiple real-time inputs of information yet. It takes time and work for a person to be able to juggle many data factors flying by in real time during market hours. That’s why I stress that beginners should paper trade and practice with the simulators for many months before trying to trade live.

For a person just getting started there are several reasonably priced solutions. I ranked my research of the viewer’s question from totally free for the casual investor up through the fee based services desired by active traders.

Please keep in mind that there are many more sites and companies providing this information.

The sites below are the ones that I either know already or found by doing a Web Search with Google using the keyword “Charting”.
provides free online charting using many of the technical analysis parameters desired by the technical trader. The charts are small however, there is a lot of good information here. They also have many other free information services available.
FinViz provides free online charting and education about Technical Analysis, charting and trading. There’s a lot of good content here where a person can spend a lot of quality time learning the technical side of trading.
Various real-time web sites that supply stock quotes. Live intraday charts with Technical Indicators, alerts, and historical charts will help your trading. Free to use in demo mode, affordable live mode. It’s 100% free, Platform for Forex Trading. Real-time charting tool that includes thousands of instruments: stocks, indices, commodities, currencies, ETFs, bonds, and futures. Big Charts provides a wealth of free information on-line. If you use the Quick chart function you get the basic chart and news information on a stock. However, if you use the Interactive chart function you can select the Indicators that you want to use for detailed charting. Tradestation provides a 8.99/trade and with it the user gets the tradestation software. Also, the user gets a daily data feed after the market closes included in the deal. The latest version adds news monitoring, portfolio printing, Level II quotes, Real-time Scrolling Ticker, Research, user-defined views, symbol lookup, SOCKS proxy support, and many other enhancements. provides several levels of membership. The basic is free for real-time data plus their browser .
DTNIQ provides a free 1 week trial to their Real Time charting package. You only have to pay a nominal Exchange fee to try it out. DTNIQ also offers many other services including an On-line Brokerage service, Chat Room, NASDAQ Level II, etc. However, the price goes up for each Exchange and option that you add onto the package.
eSignal provides delayed and real-time streaming quote data and an analysis program.
myTrack provides delayed and real-time streaming quote data and an analysis program downloadable via the Internet. It has what I consider to be the better pricing package of all of the services. However, like all of the other providers, the price can stack up rapidly. Their entry level “Realtime Silver” service plan is $19.98 plus Exchange fees. You can add or remove services on-line as you desire (one month minimum) as long as you have a valid credit card.
There are many on-line Brokers offering Real Tick as their base package. However, lightspeed has one of the better overall packages for Day Traders. The trader is required to open a minimum $30,000 trading account in either cash and/or securities.